Is Your Car Ready for the Season?

Rally Cross is an adrenaline pumping sport, but safety is always first! Is your car ready and up to par for the season?master Avery shares some helpful tips on getting your car prepared for dirt, cones and action!

1. Convertibles must have a hardtop
2. Skid plates are always a good idea
3. Always check your suspension before you race and in between heats.
4. Check your tires for weak spots or bulges before and after you race.  Consider over-inflating your tires to prevent breaking your tire bead.
5. Don’t forget your Snell approved helmet! Be sure to use a current SA rated helmets. Be advised that SA2015 helmets are heavily discounted by many vendors because the SA2015 rating is not recognized by most race organizers. SA2020 is the current rating.  SA ratings are updated every 5 years, the next revision will be SA2025.  Due to the pandemic,  loaner helmets will no longer be available until further notice.
6. Prepare to get really dirty! Closed toe shoes are required, no slippahs! If weren’t for the COVID-19 safety rules, dust masks would be suggested to protect your lungs because of the dense dirt clouds. Bring extra face coverings or dust masks just in case the one you are wearing becomes clogged from the airborne dirt.

7. Your favorite pain reliever because like many people, you probably will be smiling so much until it hurts!  🙂